About Emily

Emily De Cosimo has been acting professionally since 2001 in all areas of Theatre, Television, Film and on Radio.

Emily first realised she wanted to act professionally during her time at the Queens Theatre where she was part of the Youth Group. Emily spent most of her evenings and summer holidays putting on plays and working with the in house professional company.

Beginning her own professional training at The Anna Scher theatre School, Emily De Cosimo was part of their regular classes and agency for a number of years.  She absolutely loved her time there, the ethos and the way the school and agency ran is something Emily will never forget.

At the same time as starting her acting career, Emily De Cosimo set up HENs Theatre Company, winner of The Phillip lawrence Award, 2003.  Emily and two close friends who shared a love for acting, decided to realise their dream by founding HENs, their own theatre company.  Since HENs began Emily and her partners have built a large repertoire of plays, workshops, interactive projects and short films which they tour across the UK.  Together they work with a large cross section of people, from toddlers right through to adults from all walks of life.  HENs has developed a large client base and built up an excellent reputation, following an extremely busy and successful two years.